The native app design serves best for any entrepreneur
as it enjoys the full validation and support from the platform it is designed for,
to optimize the user experience.


For any enterprise, its existence on the mobile device has become a pre-requisite due to the emergence of mobile application culture. As per one of the researches, each year, users are spending more time on their devices and spend 86% of their time on apps. Hence, before designing an app, designers have to take into consideration the platform where audience is the most active, what value will the app offer, where is the target market and how as a native app development company, one can strike a balance between the app design requirements and the objective to gain new users and make more revenue.


At Lemonad, we specialize in native app design for all devices, all platforms and all ecosystems- Android or iOS. As the app is designed for a particular platform, it is sure to have a better user interface in terms of both design and performance. Another attractive feature of either native Android or iOS native app design is that it looks best on the platform it is created for. Also, the design will be supported by the device features- be it the GPS, the camera, the list of contacts, the accelerometer, etc. This assures that the mobile app fulfills its objectives and can function in a full-fledged manner with minimum errors and deliver the best experience.