When the content flows like a fluid to adjust itself in the available browser space,
depending on the device one is using,
it guarantees the ease of use and the enhanced user experience.


With multiple devices made internet-enabled, users have diversified choices from desktops, smartphones to tablets to either access web or book a flight. Responsive website design is turning out to be an ideal route for most of the business enterprises who do not wish to compromise on their content-rich layout and design, irrespective of the size of the screen.


It is the type of design that dynamically shuffles the content to fit the screen, with the sole objective to provide the seamless experience across all devices without losing the content consistency. As one of the responsive web design companies in India, Litmus has a team of experts who with their designing skills and the sound understanding of a brand’s customer segment provides the high-functional design that can be efficiently adopted on all screens- big or small.


When customers get familiar with a particular format, the same experience should be translated to another screen, otherwise, it will baffle users and there are chances they might immediately hop over to your rival’s website. Hence, uniformity in design is the crucial element to adhere to while providing responsive web design services.