We all know the importance of branding and product packaging, but just how important is it for your business’s success?

There are a lot of factors that go into making your product successful in the marketplace. One of the most important aspects is packaging design. Packaging design companies are an essential part of any successful company, as they play a crucial role in making your brand stand out. The power that packaging has on consumers cannot be underestimated. Designing a package can also make or break a product launch!

This blog post will explore why it’s so vital to invest in good packaging for your business!


With so much competition between advertising media nowadays (social media vs. classical), less attention may be paid to how important the package design actually is — but don’t overlook this vital component when planning your marketing efforts! Here are a few reasons why.


The Paper Worker states that one-third of a customer’s decision-making process is based solely on product packaging. With so many products available, you need to have your branding stand out and look different from the competition in order to succeed.

If your brand isn’t unique, then it will be lost in the sea of thousands competing for their attention, but if you have an eye-catching design and bold message that pops out from the crowd, then people are more likely to notice your products over others.

One classic example is Captain Morgan’s recent product — Cannon Blast. The beverage comes in a canon-shaped bottle which makes the design highly relevant to its name. Furthermore, the package design is also eye-catching and is highly different from what many of its competitors offer.

Captain Morgan


Many studies have shown that our brain reacts to colors in different ways. Therefore, brands and marketers need to choose their product packaging design colors carefully. Color is an important aspect in product packaging, and the color experts cite that, generally speaking, more colors on a package means less sophisticated products.

Other colors convey different meanings, but it’s important to study your target demographic before deciding on what type of color you should use for your design because blue may be disliked by some groups while liked by others.

Take a look at this product packaging design by Hornall Anderson showcasing the use of different shades of the color blue. It is said that darker shades of blue appeal to adult audiences whereas more vibrant shades are right for younger customers.

Hornall Anderson


There is an upcoming trend towards brands that are entertaining and committed to the consumer. This simply translates to a packaging design that provides a great experience.

The trend essentially applies to young consumers, and aging hipsters of Generation X. One classic example is that of Pizza Hut. The brand developed a pizza box that functions as a stereo system. It enables pizza lovers to connect their pizza box to a phone or laptop through Bluetooth to play music.


Packaging Design is a lot more than just about the look and feel. It’s also an excellent marketing tool for your business.

You can use packaging design to convey how you want customers to perceive your product or service, as well as build brand loyalty over time. Package designs are often redesigned every few years in order to keep up with current trends and market demands.

It’s true that packaging design is an important aspect of your business, but it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated either. There are many ways you can save money on a packaging design by using materials like paperboard, cardboard boxes, plastic bags, and even upcycled craft supplies that will keep costs down without compromising the quality of your product and the packaging.


Think about some of your favorite brands – all successful ones seem to share one thing in common: memorability. One way this occurs is through repetition; these companies want customers coming back week after week or year after year as buying habits establish themselves over time.

Brands like Coke have constantly made minor changes to their packaging and stayed true to keep their original look. Take a look at the infamous Christmas bow packaging campaign!


A branded packaging is an effective and important marketing tool because it not only keeps your products safe but also allows you to connect with consumers on a deeper level. It not only contributes to the protection of the product but is also an essential part of what makes a successfully branded package.

Branded packages are effective marketing tools that can help brands differentiate themselves from their competitors with carefully crafted messages, eye-catching designs, and even interactive features like games or competitions.

Have you tried any branding techniques on your product packaging design?

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Everyone says don’t judge a book by its cover but when it comes to buying new products almost everyone does exactly that. Consumers judge a product by the package it comes wrapped in and make their buying decision in less than a sixth of a minute. So product packaging matters. It matters a lot. The question is how to ensure that your package is the one that gets picked every time – it is the one inviting enough to drive consumer buying decisions?

If you want this to happen, here are 5 things you should consider in your packaging design decisions:


If you are still wondering about the importance of packaging design try this:

Name three questions that any consumer will ask when they look at a brand new product on a supermarket shelf. They are:

  1. What is this product for?
  2. Who made it?
  3. Why should I buy it?

If your packaging can answer the first two questions within the first four seconds of looking, you stand a 50% chance that the consumer will put it in his cart. If you can answer the third one, the chances increase manifold.

Your packaging should tell the consumer the What, Who, and Why of any product clearly and simply.

Simple and clear is the rule of the thumb for product packaging. The millennial consumer has a short attention span. He frequently sees products from afar and often has no chance to pick up the package and examine it closely. So if information about the product is apparent from afar he can make a snap decision.

Rule #1: The product name, its utility, and your brand name. should be readily apparent on your product package.


The marketing industry has long been criticized for overrating products and making false claims. Creative packaging is partly to blame. Designers can sometimes get carried away and mislead consumers albeit unintentionally. Marketers are now realizing that being simple and honest is far more important than hard-selling because that way you get long term loyal customers who will not only stay with the brand but attract new consumers as well. Misleading consumers – even unknowingly – and ultimately disappointing them can and does backfire by damaging the brand image.

Honesty in packaging, advertisement and other marketing collaterals backed by a good product or service brings far better results. People are happy to buy simple products at a reasonable price as long as they know what it is and how it will help them.

Rule #2 – Give the product a face-lift by all means but in a way that is honest and lets the consumer know what he is buying.


“Me too” is not a new concept. Once an idea or invention has been launched millions of copycats swarm the market with similar products confusing the consumer. But if your original product gives the consumer the satisfaction he desires, he will come back to you without so much as a glance at others. Oh, they might give one or two a shot because they are cheaper but soon they’ll be back for the real thing. With that said, it’s important to be different too. After all, the product package must stand out in the crowd on a supermarket shelf.

Rule #3 – Be bold be different be genuine.


Making a package design attractive does not necessarily mean that it must be intricate, spectacular, dashing, or even bold. A simple white lily stands out in a bouquet of red and yellow roses. Simplicity can sometimes attract more attention than the most complex and colourful design. This is something packaging designers must test before implementing.

Remember that consumers never view products in isolation. Also, they view your package from a distance among a host of others that are similar if not the same. The key takeaway here to make the design different. The neither means abject simplicity nor does it advocate profound boldness. Different simply means different.

Rule #4 – Being different takes priority over other elements of package design


Have you ever had goods delivered with the toothpaste squished out of the tube? Have you ever cursed the product because you find yourself hunting for a tin opener every time you want a drink?

The importance of packaging design cannot be denied but this does not that you should sacrifice other elements. Package design is as much about what’s inside as it is about what’s outside. As a package designer, you should pay heed to what product the package will carry and how far it is likely to travel so that you can design it in a way that keeps the product safe inside. Packaging material is important too. For instance, if you are designing for foodstuff you should be careful that the food inside does not react to the chemicals in your packaging.

This type of practical approach to packaging is oft-overlooked when considering packaging design importance. While all the elements described above are important, practicality and sustainability are perhaps more important.

Rule #5 – Make sure your package is strong, practical and sustainable.

Packaging design is an emerging industry that is fast gaining traction because of the large number of start-ups coming up. Given the extent of digitization, the package is sometimes the way a consumer first becomes aware of a new product even before seeing advertisements about a new brand. Package designers must therefore pay close attention to both creative packaging and practicality.

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