When businesses eye internet for their growth and success,
an interactive mobile user interface design plays a crucial role in
generating web traffic and customer retention.


The brick-and-mortar stores have trained staff and an appealing store ambiance that imparts unforgettable in-store experience to the customers by initiating a dialogue, assisting them in product search and helping them to take a proper purchase decision suitable to their needs and budget. In a similar manner, in case of online stores, mobile UI design equipped with essential tools like a series of pages, buttons, forms and other visual elements interact with the visitors and enhance their convenience while helping them to smoothly navigate throughout the site.


Technology is ever-evolving and it introduces new features every single year. Hence, there is a need to devise simple yet effective mobile app UI design that facilitates easy human-technology interaction. However, it doesn’t mean we do not make use of new technology but we try to fashion it in a way that is easy to operate and enhances user experience. For instance, at Litmus Branding, we understand that if you have a news app, you have to constantly churn out engaging, dated content. That’s the functionality part of it. But, along with it you must also look newsy and buzz with real-time content updates.


Hence, at Lemonad, we offer mobile UI design services where we take the utmost care to model the user-centric design that is both functional and rich in aesthetics. We maintain consistency in these elements and also mindfully make use of color, texture, and typography to make your platform user-friendly. We study the target audience’s preferences before initiating user interface design for mobile applications as it is vital to the success of all app branding/marketing/monetization efforts